Together we can help 10 Polish families!

This is a situation without precedent. For the first time in history, Santa Claus and his reindeers could not visit all houses during Christmas Eve. Because of the spreading corona crisis, we know about 10 Polish families which haven?t received ANY Christmas gifts.

?We did our best? – Rudolph comments. – “Even the elf’s magic didn?t work. I can?t even imagine how terrible all of these children must feel – they are too young to understand why there was nothing under their Christmas tree this year? ? 

Well, this is how the papers? headlines could look like after last Christmas Eve in Poland. Christmas that should be a time of love, peace and joy was destroyed by sadness, loss, uncertainty and disappointment. 

Children, elderly people and disabled suffer the most during the pandemic. Our Foundation knows about ten families that need urgent help. As the Santa Clause could not visit their houses on his own, our team is going to take over his duty and prepare packages with food and other essentials that will help them in everyday life. 


Who is waiting for our help? 

And much more!

The list of presents:

  • warm, winter boots for children
  • warm, winter clothes
  • bread 
  • milk, eggs, butter and other dairy products 
  • canned food 
  • noodles, rice, flour, sugar 
  • coffee or tea 
  • warm sheets 
  • soap, washing powder, cleaning products, antibacterial liquid 
  • kettle


We have already started to help others, but we cannot continue without YOUR help. Each donation is important, each donation has a real influence on others’ lives. 

The middle-sized package for one family including food and basic cleaning products costs approx.  400 PLN (approx. 100 USD)Another 400 PLN is needed to buy shoes and winter clothes.

We have 10 families waiting for our help and we cannot do this without your support.

Together we can make this world a better place! Be a Santa Claus for those who need help the most! 


 Here is how you can donate and help 10 Polish families:

  • submit your donation via PayPal

  • submit your donation using our special fundraising site 

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

A photo of our last visit to Ms Magdalena – disabled lady, currently in quarantine – who received food and everyday essentials just before Christmas