Relive the past in an open-air museum

Humans are naturally curious. We are hungry for knowledge of both the future and past. In this rapidly developing world, you might have wondered how different is your life from that of your ancestors? As daunting as looking through long record books may seem, it isn?t the only way of learning history. You can visit an open-air museum! They?re made up of multiple buildings in one area: historic houses, farm structures and even archaeological sites. They are specifically dedicated to displaying folk culture of the region. 

If you wanted to learn about the conditions your ancestors lived in, you can experience them first-hand in these open-air museums. Discover the lifestyle of older generation through the architecture and equipment they used. You will be surprised how different it was only a hundred years ago. During the exhibition, costumed interpreters act out various tasks, common for the time period. Those can range from cooking on an open flame or weaving, to crafting weapons. Visiting an open-air museum is a much more exciting and interactive way of learning. It can also be a great way of spending time with friends and family.


Some of the technology displayed at open-air museums will amaze you. We are used to the luxuries of factory production but looking at historic contraptions will truly show you the extent of human creativity. It?s also quite interesting, looking at the origins of machinery and comparing them to contemporary versions. 

In 1906, the first open-air museum was built in Poland ? the Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. It goes to show how even then we were a curious bunch. There are over 50 folk buildings on the property? it?s practically its own village at this point. To make learning more fun for tourists, traditional events are often organized, including bazaars, concerts with folk music and craft shows. They will make you feel, as if you went back in time!



There are numerous creative ways of learning about your ancestors. History isn?t only taught with books, but also through experiences. Open-air museums are perfect for that! Explore and discover the rich culture of these small corners of Poland.