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my name is Jacek and I have been into genealogy for several decades. My ancestors lived in central and eastern Poland (todays Belarus and Ukraine) and probably in Germany from where they migrated to many places in the world, like US, Canada, Brazil and many others. I have built a family tree on MyHeritage consisting of over 6000 people. I have also made a DNA test available on GEDMatch and MyHeritage. The surnames which are a special subject of my research are: Kerner, Korner, Koerner, Szczepański, Slowinski, Gromadzki.

Things which I can help with are the archives research, translations from Polish including hand writing and organising trips. I do not have a professional genealogical business, I try to help others in their research when I have time. I would only expect some money when I need to spend a lot of time which does not let me do my own job.

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