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I am retired, and am trying to find additional information regarding my wife’s Polish heritage.

My wife’s grandfather, Michael Kronstek (Chrzstek or Chrzastek ?) Arrived in USA in 1908, and was reported to be 20 years old, making his birth year about 1888.  However US Census reports indicate that his birth year was 1883.  I believe he was born in Rzeszow, Podkarpackie, Poland.  I have Sofia Zafin as Michael’s mother.

Her grandmother was Anna Bednarz, AKA Nellie, Anelia, or Emma.  Surname may be Bednar.  She was born in Chicago in 1892.  Her father, Martin Bednarz came to the USA in 1880.  My records show his birth as December 1857 in Austria. Anna’s mother, Anna Schlechta wa born 7 Sep 1858 in Austria.  Her parents were Josef Schlechta and Josefina Mares.

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