Krzysztof Skowronski Researcher

Warsaw, Polska
translation from Latin to Englishtranslation from Polish to Englishtranslation from Russian to English
Genealogical Query / Legal Issues / Translations / Traveling to Poland

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Independent researcher, genealogist, licensed detective and tour guide in Poland. Based in Warsaw.

I have been working as a tour guide in Poland and other European countries since 2008.  I am active in the non-profit sector as well – taking part in several historical and cultural projects as a volunteer. My genealogical experience mostly concentrates in the area of the former Russian and Austrian Partitions of Poland. I am able to translate the historical documents from Russian and Latin to English. I can provide the basic legal assistance as well as represent you in your contacts with the local administration in Poland.

To conclude: I am a passionate for history, travel and genealogy. I am open to meet new people and take part in the new projects.


since 2017 Researcher at Ancestors Poland Foundation

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  • citygirljody
    citygirljody 12 September 2020 at 21:55

    Hello Krzysztof,

    Can you help me with the name of the location of birth for the gentleman?
    Last name is Przezdziecki. My friend pronounces it Per-JES–ki.

    Are there people with this name still in this place?

    Thank you for your help.
    Jody Waldemar
    Minnesota, USA


  • Susan Price
    Susan Price 22 March 2021 at 17:00

    Hello Krzysztof,

    I am trying to obtain a copy of my fathers birth certificate or any record of his military service in Poland. His name was Alfons Poglettke and was born in Rewa, Gdynia in September 1917. He had a brother Klemens and a brother pawel. Pawel emigrated to UK as did my gather after the 2nd world war. I have been trying to find where I can get any evidence of his Polish nationality so I can submit to the Embassy as I want to get confirmation that I am also Polish Citizen by family. Do you know what records and where I need to search. I have searched the Ancestry website but no records have been found. It would seem the surname Poglettke is very rare in Poland.

    Thank You


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