Sebastian Wiśniewski volunteer

Gliwice, Polska
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I’m helping in the archive. I work on the genealogy of my own family. And I really like history.

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  • Diane Farmer
    Diane Farmer 22 March 2019 at 15:35

    Looking for information about Wisniewski, Puchala, and Pelc families from the Kosina, Poland area

  • marjo747
    marjo747 18 April 2019 at 02:59

    Looking for my mother’s birth certificate and maybe family. Her family name is Kasperska and not sure about her first name, maybe Genia, Gienia, Genowefa, Eugenia, Jenny, Jeanne… She was born circa June 2, 1909 or circa September 4th 1909 and she came to Canada at the age of two. Her father’s name was Jan Kasperski and her mother’s name was Franciszka Piatkowska. Jan Kasperski was born circa 1875 from Swidowa, and Franciszka was born March 1st, 1875 Zezawa, but living in Rozanowka. They were married October 21, 1904 in Rozanowka in Tluste parish. They were from Galicia. They also had a son Michal born on August 26, 1905, Tarnopol District, Czortkow, Diocesis Leoopolicusis (maybe latin) Tluste parish Roman Catholic. Parents of Jan Kasperski were Pawel Kasperski and Ludwica Błazków. Also a brother “Frank” was born circa 1910, maybe in Poland or Canada and died in Canada circa 1916. Jan Kasperski had a sister Karola Kasperski and came to Canada with Michal in 1912. Lost track of the family.

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