Three reasons to visit your ancestors? hometown

Have you ever wondered about the genealogical trip to the places where your ancestors used to live? Probably not. Usually we concentrate on checking genealogical websites and reviewing historical records during our research, but hardly ever we consider a trip to grandparents? villages as something worth to do. We will try to persuade you that it is! 

What can be benefit of visiting your ancestral sites?  

1.Combining touring with the research!

Poland still is an undiscovered treasure on the travel map of the world, but the situation is changing. More and more tourists decide to take advantage of its charms and choose Poland as their travel destination. Not without reason, Poland offers a lot of places to see! From old towns full of buildings dating back to 17th or 18th century, through diversity of Polish nature to the places listed on UNESCO Heritage Site List.

Spendning your holidays here, in Poland, where your ancestors were born can be an unforgetable experience!

2. Living history!

Visiting your family village could be much more than just taking a photo of the main road. Even if your ancestors passed away or emigrated a long time ago, there certainly is something left. Maybe you will be able to see the church where they used to go? Or light a candle on the grave of one of your distance relative? It is also possible that their original house is waiting to greet the first family member who is coming back after dozens of years of emigration 😉

But hurry, with each year more and more relics disappear…

3. Finding a living relative!

This is the most important reason why your tour to Poland is worth organizing. Meeting relatives whom your family has not been in contact for decades with. It is not only an incredibly touching moment but also it will allow you to expand your genealogical knowledge with information that you will never find in any archives.

We hope that you are thinking about visiting Poland more seriously than a couple of minutes ago 😉 We promise that you will not be disappointed – Poland is a very friendly country which welcomes every single person with its arms opens widely. You can also count on our team – we will be happy to help you with all tour arrangements.

See you in Poland!